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New Beginnings

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It’s February and despite the snowy weather there are signs of Spring all around us.
We also just celebrated the New Year AND 2 weeks ago I turned 30. In 8 weeks I finally complete my business and management degree.

The world just smells of fresh new beginnings. And with that A Box of Happiness will also be getting a new lease of life.

It’s time to shake things up and really get this Happiness Revolution going!

If you are a follower of my Facebook page you will already know why I started A Box of Happiness and that purpose is still very real. I want to do just a little bit of what I can to help others, to make them feel special, cared for, loved. My initial intention was for my boxes to be purchased as a little self love but it has emerged as something more than that. More and more of you are sending boxes to friends with lovely little notes inside (they are my favourite ones!) or when they are having a tough time, you also want to put a smile on another persons face. That is exactly what A Box of Happiness is all about and I am so glad that my wonderful customers feel the same way.

SO over the coming weeks you will be hearing more from me, as I feed and cultivate this little business in to the special thing it is just destined to be. But, I will need your help!

I need to know what you love about A Box of Happiness and also what could be better? What else do you want to see from our little corner of happiness? I want this blog to become a community of self-care, love and wellbeing so let me know what you would like me to blog about! I’d love to hear from you with your suggestions and little pearls of wisdom so ping over a quick email to zoe@aboxofhappiness.co.uk

Valentines Day is fast approaching and we have some beautiful items for the February boxes including handmade champagne and raspberry truffles so pop along and grab one for yourself or treat someone you love.


New Start September

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September sees the beginning of many things, the beginning of autumnal weather, the beginning of a new school year – in our house that is starting Year 2 for the 6-year-old, starting pre-school for the 3-year-old and starting my third and final year of my business and management degree at a brand-new university, with brand new people! New beginnings and big changes like this can be daunting and a little frightening for some but taking on new challenges, learning something new and making new friends opens our minds up to new and wonderful things as well as boosting self-confidence as you realise how adaptable you really are. Nothing amazing happens if everything always stays the same, does it?

The dark nights closing in on us and the weather turning a little more chill makes September a great time for setting some new goals and assessing where you’re at with the goals you set at the start of the year. How close are you to achieving them? Is there anything you can do now to make sure you achieve those goals before the end of the year?
Your goals can be anything that makes YOU happy, as big or small as you like. They can be short term e.g. get up a little earlier tomorrow morning or long term e.g. Run the London marathon in 2020. The important thing to bear in mind is not just the goal but how and when you will achieve it. So if you were to plan to run the London marathon in 2020 you would think about what you need to do to actually achieve that, you would most probably train regularly, improving your fitness and health in the time leading up to it.

Doing that one thing for you is a great way to practise some self-care and improve your general wellbeing.
I am somebody who regularly sets goals and reflects on how far I have got to achieving them. And today I set some new ones. I turn the big 3-0 in January and would love to be fit and healthy and rock an amazing dress to celebrate.

Goal ONE – Be fabulous at 30.
As I am starting my third year of uni I will graduate next year and with what I have achieved in my studies so far am on track to graduate with a first. I think about this often and so that’s another goal.
Goal TWO – Graduate with a first.
I have been trying to pass my driving test for 2 years now, I now have to start again with my theory test as I have sadly failed a few times and left it so long my theory expired! I don’t want to beat me, I need to pass my driving test.
Goal THREE – Pass driving test!
Now that I have decided my goals I need to decide what small steps I need to take to achieve them. Little steps on a regular basis will make it easier to achieve.

Why not share your goals for the next few months, next year or even your 5 year plan and the little steps you need to take to get there? Grab a notebook and make it your goal diary, set those goals, reflect on your progress and smash them!

Tea | A Box of Happiness - Subscription Boxes & Blissful Botanicals


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Relaxing and unwinding with a herbal steam facial. Chamomile flowers, rose petals and fresh peppermint leaves infused with lavender oil. Brew in the sink with boiling water before inhaling the steam and allowing it to open the pores. Breathe in the relaxing aroma.

Emerse yourself in a hot bath with jojoba oil, myrrh, clary sage, geranium and lavender whilst sipping a cup of ‘zen again’ tea and reading a book that transports you to another world.

Christmas Eve Boxes | A Box of Happiness - Subscription Boxes & Blissful Botanicals

Christmas Eve Boxes

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Christmas Eve Boxes in progress! Spend all day sorting things for the kids? Feel frazzled by the end of the day? Treat yourself to one of our new Christmas Eve boxes for a relaxing treat while you wait for santa!