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Fantastic Flowers

By January 31, 2017Health
Facial Steam Herbs | A Box of Happiness - Subscription Boxes & Blissful Botanicals

Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of herbs and flowers that naturally provide us with health benefits and have been used as medicines for centuries. But, it can all get a little confusing to us normal people with little knowledge about this. We have a selection of wonderful treats from nature here at A Box of Happiness that we use as a drink, mostly for their delicious taste but also because of these reported health benefits. We use them as a base for our bath salts to create a bath straight from paradise but there are so many uses that we also leave it up to you as the customer to decide whether you want to throw them in the bath, have a floral steam facial or brew them in boiled water to create a tasty tisane.
Here’s a little list of our personal favourites and why we like them:

Chamomile – Renowned for its calming and relaxing properties Chamomile is not only delicious the little marigold coloured flowers also look beautiful mixed with essential oils and Epsom salts to create a floral bath, like a gift from the fairies to soak away the days troubles. According to woodlandherbs.co.uk chamomile is also great for settling the stomach when taken as a drink. We like to mix it with other flowers like lavender and elderflower for the ultimate bedtime tea.

Hibiscus – According to Gaia Herbs hibiscus has been used medicinally in countries like Iran and Egypt to help maintain normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Its even reported to fight the signs of ageing and calm hot flushes which makes it a fabulous tea for us ladies. It can have a strong but sweet flavour and the colour is just beautiful. It would be amazing as an iced tea in the summertime!

Peppermint – Its quite a common idea these days that Peppermint tea is good for digestive problems from reducing bloating to settling the stomach. It also has the added bonus of being rather tasty and refreshing. We like ours mixed with a little green tea for super detoxing.

Lavender – Possibly the go-to herb for all matters of stress-relief in the form of essential oil but did you know you can also drink it and use it in cooking? Lavender scones are amazing! One of my favourite blends is lavender, lime flower and rose petal especially when winding down for bed. Lavender is said to calm the nerves as well as soothe headaches.

Rose – Is there anything more indulgent and luxurious than drinking rose petals? Quite possibly not! With large amounts of vitamin C and polyphenols rose buds and petals are reported to have a host of health benefits too. Livestrong.com mentions the benefits of healthy skin and hair. Rose is also supposed to be great for easing menstrual cramps which is why we like to add it to hibiscus for a soothing treat on a monthly basis.

Jasmine – naturalremedies.org highlight the skin restoring properties of Jasmine, giving the skin a smoother look and improving elasticity amongst others. Jasmine has also been used in the past to treat depression and improve sleep. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac which is why we think its great in massage bars! Jasmine is a delicious tisane often blended with green tea.

We use many herbs and flowers in different forms here at A Box of Happiness from essential oils to flowers and we enjoy using them in many different ways. The raw flowers themselves are fantastic as a tea but you could also use them with oils for a skin care treat or in a pouch for relaxing at bedtime.

*The statements given here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. A Box of Happiness cannot nor intends to make any medicinal claims. It is not our intention to advise or recommend the use of herbs, flowers or teas as a medicinal aid. Always consult your GP before embarking on a course of natural remedies.

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